Boarding Discipline Mathscience Academic Maddam G&C
 Mr Dougls Manasse
 Mr. Aggrey Guda
 Mr. James Kweyu
 Mr.Peter Tuju
 Mrs Charity Kanai
 Mr Moses Mrima
 Maths/Agriculture Biology/C.R.E Physics/Maths History/Geog Maths/Bus Studies
 English & Lit
 Technical CEO Games DepCEO  
 Mr Dominic Kingoo
 Mr. Dougls Ambaka
 Mr.Zealot Yawah Mr.James Jalua 


 Chem/Bio Chem/Maths Kisw/Geog  

Message from Principal

Principals' Message

It gives me great pleasure, as Principal of Kipini Secondary School, to welcome you to the official Kipini Model Secondary School …

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School Facilities and Our Environment(2)

  Currently we have two labs.the old and onother under construction.

 The old Laboratoryand New one below  Teachers preparing …

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