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 BoardMessage from H.O.D. Boarding-Mr Douglas Manasse.   

  This department is run by two teachers I Mr Manasse and Mrs Kanai. There is a great improvement in meals and cleanliness in the department. In 2010 lunch was githeri or rice and beans and supper Ugali and beans. In 2011 beef was introduced for supper two times a week. We intend to revamp the department and expand our boarding facility as boarders are increasing.
We welcome more parents to put more students in boarding.                                                                                                                                 

 Message from H.O.D Guidance and Counselling-Mr Moses Mrima.


This department is actively run by a committee of seven members comprised of both teachers and students who pose

as peer counselors. In discharging its duties, it has a program starting from week one of each term which addresses a variety of student need and issues. These range from social, academic and careers amongst others. ASo far we have been able to hold talks weekly with students and brought on board external speakers like the Area District Officer and University students from the Tana River County. All these efforts are geared towards producing a sober, holistic individuals after four years, who can posit

ively fit and contribute to the society.
The department is happy to see its chief aim being realized as seen in the last two years performance in K.C.S.E and less tension among students even as we speak, following the diversified interaction fora like weekly barazas’ suggestion box, special case follow ups to mention but a few.
Your     Contribution is highly welcome.

 Message from H.O.D Mathematics and Sciences-Mr James Kweyu.

The launch of a school website comes at a time when the department has shown improvement in Mathematics and Sciences subjects. At Kipini Secondary School we offer pure sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Mathematics alternative A. The department comprises of Seven teaching staff;
•    Mr Douglas Ambaka     Chemistry and Biology    -The Principal.
•    Mr James Kweyu         Physic and Math’s    -Head of Department.
•    Mr Dominic Kingoo    Math’s
•    Mr Zealot Yawah        Chemistry and Math’s   
•    Douglas Manasseh    Math’s
•    Mr Agrey Guda        Biology.
•    Mrs Charity Mwenda    Math’s
•    Mr Abdalla D Gawawa    Lab Assistant.
The prolonged poor performance in Sciences and Mathematics has impacted negatively on the attitude of learners. This calls for employment of suitable methods to counterchallenge these attitudes such as ASEI/PDSI approaches, frequent departmental meetings, regular meetings with students to strategize and set target means, Encouraging students to participate in science activities, administering tests frequently. Engaging students in practical’s.
Some of the achievements for than last two years are;
1)    In 2010 our students represented Coast province at the National Students Congress on science and Technology.
2)    Kipini Secondary emerged District champions in SCS&T Tana Delta.
3)    Completion of a Second laboratory through Economic Stimulus Programe (ESP) and expected rehabilitation of the old one.
The motivation gained so far from the above achievements will compliment efforts to implement ASEI/PDSI and boost performance.
The department is facing numerous challenges;
1)    Inadequate Laboratory furniture especially stools.
2)    Inadequate Laboratory equipments and chemicals.
3)    Inadequate books with student textbooks ratio of 7:1.
I am confident that with better budgetary allocation to assist tackle the challenges we are facing, indeed Kipini will be a centre of excellence.


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